WRC-500 25L Welding Chiller

WRC-500 25L Welding chiller has a water tank capacity of 25L. The water tank has a large capacity and a fast cooling speed. It is mainly used to cool high-power argon arc welding machine welding guns, plasma cutting machine cutting guns and other industrial welding equipment. Special selection of stainless steel water pump for welding machine, high-quality heat-resistant motor, extremely low failure rate, not easy to rust, not easy to accumulate scale; wind tunnel type heat dissipation design, light weight; new leak-proof water inlet and outlet joints; the above features can improve welding efficiency. Thereby extending the service life of welding equipment. The front universal wheel design is more convenient to move.

Advantage Of WRC-500 25L Welding Chiller

1.Use anti-corrosion and anti-rust radiator and metal fan to make the best heat dissipation effect.

2.Customized high-power and high-quality motors, stable operation.

3.Quick-plug and brass connector are available for the outlet connector, which is convenient to use.


Specification Of WRC-500 25L Welding Chiller

Main voltage





Phase number

1 phase

Tank capacity


Working temperature


Net Weight


Product dimension(mm)


  1. Water volume can be detected
  2. With handle, easy to move
  3. Good heat dissipation and ventilation
More User Friendly Design
Alarm Function Is More Intelligent
Heat dissipation function is more efficient
Heat dissipation function is more efficient

AC and DC argon arc welding equipment, gas shielded welding equipment, plasma power supply equipment, resistance welding machine, laser cutting machine, etc.

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