Support Customized Chiller

We can customize the chiller for you according to your requirements, and we have professional engineers who can design ideal products for you.
  1. Xlnt chiller adopts high-quality compressor, which is of high quality, low noise, economical and durable.
  2. The evaporator is shell and tube type with excellent performance.
  3. Water-cooled chillers can be used in various fields such as chemical industry, medicine, industrial processing, and food processing.
  4. All-round safety protection: reverse phase protection, phase loss protection, overload current protection, discharge temperature protection. protection, low and high pressure protection, low temperature. protection, water protection.
  5. Refrigerants are R407C, R22, R410A, R134A are also available.
Chiller application:

1.Injection Industry

Xlnt chiller can accurately control the temperature of mold which can improve the quality and production rate.

2.Electronic Component Industry

Xlnt chiller can stabilize the molecular structure of electronic component inside. This can improve the FTQ and product time.

3.Machinery Industry

Xlnt chiller can cool down the oil for the machine and stabilize the oil temperature and pressure. It’ll extend the useful life of oil. And it can also improve mechanical lubrication efficiency.

4.Electroplating Industry

The temperature of electroplate can be controlled by our chiller. It can improve the density and smooth of electroplate and production efficiency.

5.Food & Drink Processing Industry

The temperature of processed food and drink will be too high to be packaged. Golden chiller can cool it down through food grade stainless steel heat exchanger.

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