Energy Saving Measures During the Use of Chillers

Saving money is the basis of our energy-saving work. On this basis, we need to make reasonable settings for the refrigeration system to achieve the effect of energy saving. From a certain point of view, this requires the active cooperation of the users of the chiller.

The first is the cleaning of the condenser. The air is exchanged through the condenser, but the condenser is easy to get dusted due to long-term work, which blocks the air holes, and requires greater pressure for air exchange, resulting in a large loss of energy.

Therefore, we need to clean regularly to reduce the internal pressure required by the condenser. It is generally necessary to perform cleaning twice a year. The second is to reasonably control the evaporating temperature of the refrigeration system. If the evaporating temperature is too high, it will bring adverse effects.

At present, the measures we have adopted to reduce the evaporating temperature include increasing the refrigerant and ensuring the cleanliness of the entire refrigeration system.

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