The Choice of Laser Chiller

Laser equipment is widely used in the precision machinery industry, such as aerospace equipment, precision instruments and other industries, but how to maintain it has become a very important issue. The chiller is very protective during the processing of laser equipment. It not only protects the CO2 laser Tubes, lamps and YAG solid-state laser crystals are anti-riot; it also guarantees constant laser cavity temperature, stable output power, consistent laser beam quality, and no thermal deformation of the laser cavity. Therefore, the chiller has a very important application and status in the laser industry.

Ⅰ. Understand the laser water chiller

In the laser processing process, the laser water chiller not only protects the CO2 laser tube, YAG solid-state laser crystal and lamp tube from explosion-proof; sufficient and constant laser cavity temperature is the guarantee of stable laser output power, no thermal deformation of the laser cavity, consistent laser beam quality, etc.

Ⅱ. The choice of laser water chiller

Choosing a suitable cooling system can greatly improve the service life and processing accuracy of the laser, and make the performance of the laser equipment play to its full potential. However, most users and manufacturers often have a vague concept when choosing a cooling system for laser equipment, resulting in many chillers unable to accurately and reasonably protect the laser equipment used. If you choose a chiller for laser equipment, please pay attention to the following key indicators:

1. The cooling capacity of the laser water chiller: as the name implies, it is the actual cooling capacity of the cooling system, which is an indicator for the selection of laser cooling equipment;

2. For the water flow and booster pump head of the laser water chiller, everyone pays attention to the cooling capacity, and often ignores the water flow as an indicator. The cooling capacity represents the cooling capacity provided by the compressor, and the water flow represents the ability of the laser water chiller to take away heat, which causes the phenomenon that everyone often sees: a chiller with a nominal cooling capacity of 1000W is connected to an 80W glass tube, and the cold water The machine shows 25 ℃, but the laser tube is very hot; in fact, it does not play a role in application.

3. For the thermal efficiency and water volume of the laser water chiller, generally, the bigger the water tank, the better, but different compressor control methods will be very different in design. This is the same compressor cooling capacity and water volume. The operation control method with PID feedback function will greatly improve the cooling capacity of the overall system.

4. The temperature control accuracy of the laser water chiller is completely derived from the requirements of the laser. For semiconductor lasers, the temperature control accuracy must be ±0.1°C, which requires the compressor to predict the temperature change law and adapt to the change of the load. Generally, integrated None of the water coolers with temperature control modules can do this.

5. Water quality requirements and water filtration and water circulation system materials.

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