Fiber Laser Chiller

Laser chillers are mainly used in laser marking machines, laser engraving machines, laser welding machines, laser inkjet printers, laser cutting machines and other laser processing equipment. It can accurately control the temperature required by the laser equipment, thus ensuring the normal operation of the laser equipment. Work. The laser chiller is a kind of water cooling equipment, and the laser chiller is a cooling water equipment that can provide constant temperature, constant flow and constant pressure.

Customized laser solutions

Customize products according to your business needs and provide laser automation production solutions
to meet personalized processing needs.

Features Of XlntChillers Industrial Water Cooled Chillers

The world-renowned brand compressor has built-in protection function, low noise, energy saving and durable. The electrical equipment adopts well-known brand products to ensure the stable operation and long life of the machine.
High-quality water pump, large flow, high efficiency, and durable.
Equipped with an intelligent temperature controller, which can control the water temperature accurately to ±0.3℃.
The design of the copper bar of the condenser is reasonable, and the heat exchange effect is good. Electrostatic spray plastic shell, beautiful and generous, and the appearance board adopts quick disassembly form, which is convenient for use and maintenance.

Water Cooled Chiller Unit Installation Requirements

Before the installation of industrial chiller, please choose a smooth foundation, surrounded by open, smooth and avoid corrosion, pollution, sun, rain, easy installation and maintenance of the place.

The chiller must be installed in the space above the wall 1m space position, so as to avoid poor heat caused by high pressure overload caused by cooling effect and increase power consumption.

The Reason Why Industrial Water Chiller System Does Not Work

power cord contact is not good. Fault processing method: Check the Water chiller for laser cutter power connector, check the power cord plug is plugged in place and good contact.

use blown. Fault processing method: Pull out the fuse box in the power connector on the Water chiller laser cutting machine.

Simple Fault Processing Method Of Industrial Water Cooled Liquid Chiller

Room temperature alarm is the reason for the use of water chiller ambient temperature is high, we should improve the ventilation, to ensure that the chiller operating environment below 40 degrees.

Condensate condensation is serious because the water temperature is lower than the ambient temperature,

humidity, we should increase the water temperature or to the pipeline insulation. Water drain when the drainage is slow because the water nozzle of water chiller is not open, we should open the water nozzle.

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